Fireworks go high, that’s a fact. The one thing they don’t do is produce width.  At MLE we always fit the display into the widest possible area. By producing a display with a large frontage (width) the audience get a larger feeling of scale. It also gives us the ability to incorporate wider angles and multiple sites.


Firing a display from 1 physical location is sometimes the only option, however where the site allows we’ll always opt for 3 sites as a minimum. Displays can range from 5, 11 or even 30 sites. 5 or more sites allows the designer to create sequences of fireworks firing from left to right, in to out, firing from 1 site doesn’t. Multisite firings at the same time are possible with FireByWire® control so for example you can have 5 shells rising together on the beat of the music across several hundred metres.


Fireworks usually fire at 90 degrees to the ground; by introducing angles the display becomes much more entertaining. Our racking system allows angles as low as 30 degrees – we use digital measuring to match multi sites.


As we import our own extensive range of products we buy only what we would use in our displays. We visit factories every year around the world and because China produces 90% of the world’s fireworks we have a Chinese member of staff in our UK office who ensures our demanding specifications are met.