At MLE we try and make your life as easy as possible, we’ve thought hard about the best way for you to find the exact display that fits your event as effortlessly as possible. Some clients give us a budget and work to our recommendations, others request a few options and choose the most fitting – perhaps making a few changes.
Please bear in mind that every display we do is customised to your requirements – wedding displays are very similar to birthday displays, if you see something you like in another section it will be perfectly suitable for your event.

Private events usually contain smaller audiences (less than 100 people), which means we don’t need to use as many fireworks to impress the number of people present. With large groups of people there is an expectation for the fireworks to be larger in scale.

  • Wedding fireworks
  • Birthday party fireworks
  • Summer ball / Graduation fireworks
  • Burns Day Fireworks
  • July 4th – Independence day Fireworks
  • Bonfire November 5th Firework Parties

Some of the things you need to consider when booking a firework display:

How many people are you expecting? How long do you want the display to last? Do you want it spectacular or amazingly sensational? What time did you want the fireworks? (must finish before 11pm by law) How much did you want to spend? MLE are experts in designing displays to fit your requirements, usually we ask you to give us the answers to the questions above and we will give you our honest opinion as to whether it is possible or suggest any changes to give the best display.

As a rule of thumb – we recommend an allocation of between £100 and £200 per minute for private events with audiences of less than 100 people.

Private Events – Example pricing

Up to 100 People Minimum Recommended Premium
5 minutes £600 £750 £1200+
7 minutes £700 £1200 £2000+
10 minutes £900 £1500 £3000+
Per minute £120 £150 £250

All prices include VAT

Private Events – Fireworks to music

Up to 100 People Minimum Recommended Premium
3 minutes £750 £1000 £1500
4 minutes £1000 £1500 £2000
7 minutes £1500 £2000 £2500
10 minutes £2000 £2500 £3000
15 minutes £3000 £4000 £4500

All prices include VAT and sound system

MLE don’t give out lists of materials used in displays unless specifically requested. We feel the information is of little value as fireworks vary in so many ways that comparing names and numbers doesn’t give you the full picture.

One thing you can be sure of is that MLE import their own brand and manufacture special effects in the UK – we use only the very best material possible within the price range. The result? More brilliant colours and better bang for your buck! This is part of the reason why we have won many design awards for our work and have a large presence in the UK firework industry.

Of course our service is fully inclusive and we take pride in offering you an easy the price you see is the price you pay approach. Our teams are located all over the UK so we’re able to fire your display no matter the location.

Fully inclusive service

all of our displays include the following:

Free advice: We offer free advice to anybody with an enquiry. Our offices are open during weekdays and we attempt to be contactable at any time.
Liaison with venue & authorities: We ensure authorisation is granted and all necessary parties are informed in the interest of reassuring you and your chosen venue. This might range from speaking to the local council through to clearing the display with the CAA and halting air traffic for you.
Display site survey: For new venues we will use aerial photographs and speak with the venue to establish a safe firing site and, where necessary, perform a site survey.
Risk assessment: Every show we fire will have been risk assessed in a manor advised by the HSE to ensure any concerns are addressed.
Insurance cover: We carry annual insurance with a limit of indemnity for public liability of £5,000,000 and for product liability of £5,000,000.
Planning of your show: Each show is planned by our design teams who have years of experience producing multi-award winning pyrotechnic displays.
Transport costs: Thanks to our nationwide network of firers, our prices include all transportation costs.
Team to set up your display: Our show will include a fully trained and professional firing team. For safety reasons, it’s company policy to send out at least two firers per show. We will setup and stay with the fireworks at all times.
Firing of your display: Our fireworks are waterproofed to help avoid cancellations due to anything other than a very serious downpour or sudden severe change of wind direction.
Cleaning of the firing site: We always do our best to clear debris and are invited back to many venues not only because of our shows but also because we respect their grounds.