Our firing system is used worldwide by many companies and allows the split second synchronisation of fireworks to music. Live music is slightly different and is normally fired electronically by pushing buttons to allow for any changes in tempo.

All music displays are fired by computer using FireByWire® technology, this allows us split-second timing and complete control of fireworks no matter the site and ground layout. Music displays are harder to prepare and require significant design time to ensure the fireworks used are suitable – which obviously has an impact on the cost. You can either choose from music we have done before or we can produce a display using your song or choice of music – a completely bespoke service.

For the bride and groom who want to go that extra mile, we provide displays that are choreographed to music. We have our own sound systems which are usually more than adequate; however for larger audience sizes.

we can contract in Funktion One audio for the very best quality outside.

Example pricing – Fireworks to music

Duration Guide pricing
100 people
Guide pricing
2000 people
Guide pricing
5000 people
5 minutes £1000 – £2000 £2000 – £3000 £3000 – £4000
10 minutes £2000 – £3000 £3000 – £4000 £4000 – £5000
15 minutes £3000 – £3500 £3500 – £4500 £5000 – £7000

All prices include the sound system