MLE have worked hard over the years to develop quiet displays, designing material in China for the purpose and are able to produce displays with an intense finale which meet your venues strict requirements.

Quiet fireworks cost more to produce than normal displays – this is because the material needs to be bigger and more intense (but not noisy). If you’d like to make any of our non-musical shows quiet, we recommend shortening the duration by 20% or increasing the budget by 25% to gain the same level of display.

Usually we will discuss the display further with your venue before choosing the fireworks. Various levels of noise are allowed – for example it may be possible for your display to be quiet until the last minute, or it may be that strictly no bangs throughout.

Some example quiet firework displays

£750.00 – 7 minutes
Peaceful and dramatic, this show is similar to the standard show of the same budget replacing the standard material with even higher quality material without loud aerial bursts. The show also contains comet candle sequences and peaceful aerial burst shells.

£1500.00 – 10 minutes
This is a beautiful show that is sometimes booked at venues that aren’t restricted by noise but just because the bride and groom prefer something quieter. Just because it is quiet in no way means that you’ll be left wanting. This is a dramatic and moving display and it is likely that you won’t even notice missing bangs!