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    Wedding Fireworks

    Wedding fireworks by MLE Pyrotechnics. Yesterdays announcement by the UK government about the road map out of the latest lockdown has given us all a reason to be happy about what lays ahead. From 8th of March, Bride and Grooms are allowed 6 guests at their cermony. From 12th April, 15 guests are permitted. 21st […]

    Event marking robot

    Event Marking

    Event Marking by event organisers MLE Pyrotechnics. As event organisers ourselves, 2020 posed many challenges and with the current pandemic, we had to find a solution to allow our own events to take place in some capacity. We invested in a GPS, fully autonomous line marking robot to mark out boxes to government social distancing […]

    Firework Champions

    Fireworks for weddings by organisers of the Firework Champions!

    Not only do we provide fireworks for weddings, we are the organisers of the UK’s largest series of firework competitions – Firework Champions. Hosted at 6 stately homes around the UK, MLE pyrotechnics invite 3 firework companies from around the UK to compete against each other to be crowned Firework Champions. The dates for this […]

    Wedding Fireworks – We would love to hear from you.

    Are you getting married and considering wedding fireworks to bring your special day to an incredible conclusion? Perhaps you are the parents of the bride and groom and looking for the ultimate wedding present! Look no further as you are in the right place! We LOVE what we do at MLE and firework displays for […]