FIREBYWIRE: Dover to France long range radio testing

  • February 18, 2019
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This weekend was a busy weekend at our sister company FireByWire with further testing of our long-range radio link. Situated near mobile phone masts and broadcasting antennas. We set up and fired igniters situated in Dover from a location just short of 36km in France.

Distance testing is done not because we expect people to want to fire at 36km, but by knowing huge distances are possible, it gives you assurance when working at shorter distances.

We have made a short video of the journey which you can watch here – FBW radio test – UK to France

FireByWire is a digital firing system designed and manufactured in the UK by MLE Pyrotechnics – one of the worlds leading firework display companies.

We offer a wide range of products and support, from purchasing your first system through to firing your first show – we have got you back.

If you are in the industry and are considering a firing system we would love to hear from you. or alternatively by phone on 01327 876037.

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