Lower noise firework displays set to music.

  • March 18, 2019
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We love lower noise fireworks displays at MLE and on Friday we performed a firework display set to music using lower noise fireworks at Fawsley Hall Hotel & Spa in Daventry.

Fawsley Hall is a very demanding site with very little room to play around with and due to the close proximity of livestock and local residents, we used lower noise fireworks at the request of the venue.

Despite the venues restrictions and some challenging weather conditions on the day, we were able to produce a pyromusical display from 6 firing positions using a variety of firework types from single shot fountains to multishot roman candles. We are very happy with the result and you can watch it HERE.

Lower noise firework displays present a different challenge to a more traditional display where noise is not an issue. The types of fireworks used are often cleaner because they don’t produce a widespread burst of effect. This is great because it allows us to create more intricate patterns in the sky.

If you are getting married and are considering fireworks at a venue that has a noise restriction – we would love to help. Our Lower noise firework displays set to music start from as little as £1000.

To book a display at your wedding please visit our dedicated fireworks for weddings website – Weddingfireworks

You can also find some more information HERE